The Article I Would Write About The Cowboys & The NFL If I Was A Few Cocktails Deep

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I’ve got some fiery opinions about the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL, and today’s the day I get to let them fly.

My boss always edits my articles before posting them on our site, but he’s out on vacation today. That means I get final say on what goes into this article.

How am I not supposed to take full advantage of that?

I’ve got a lot of hot takes about the ‘Boys and the NFL that I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now. What better time to unleash those than now?

Dak Prescott is better than Roger Staubach

This one is going to sting for Cowboys fans, but it’s the truth.

If we’re debating career accomplishments, Roger Staubach blows Dak Prescott out of the water. Captain Comeback is a Hall of Famer, has two Super Bowls rings and a SB MVP. No question he’s had more success than Prescott.

But if we’re debating skill, Prescott runs circles around Staubach. Dak only trails Roger by 276 career passing yards. Keep in mind Staubach has played 44 more games.

This isn’t an indictment on Staubach, the game was played much differently in the 1970s. It was more about ground and pound than slinging passes around. Players nowadays also have much more science behind taking care of their bodies compared to back then.

This take goes for most of the old legends across all major sports. Take baseball legend Babe Ruth for example.

It’s been reported the Great Bambino’s daily diet consisted of steak and potatoes for breakfast with four cups of bourbon and ginger ale. Through the day, he’d slug beers and down hot dogs like Joey Chestnut.

If you put Ruth in a time machine and dropped him into today’s MLB, he might crack a single-A roster at best.

OK Cowboys fans, I’m done deeply offending you. 

Parody in the NFL sucks

Fans get tired of seeing the same teams dominate year in and year out. I agree, it’s not always fun watching the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers win their divisions every season.

This year, there’s been lots of parody in the NFL and the product hasn’t been fun to watch. Only five of the 16 NFC teams have a positive record, and three of which are in the East.

The Atlanta Falcons currently lead the South at 3-4. The Seattle Seahawks are first in the West with a -3 point differential. 

On the AFC side, you’ve got the Tennessee Titans leading the South with a -11 point differential.

As football fans, we’ll also tune into the action and follow the NFL religiously. But let’s face it, the games haven’t been as entertaining this season.

Maybe the NFL is better with powerhouse teams running the show for consecutive seasons.

The NFL divisional structure makes no sense

Based on the regional location of most NFL teams, they’re in the correct division. But others leave you scratching your head.

The Cowboys are in the NFC East while the Carolina Panthers are in the NFC South. I got a C in my high school geography class but even I can make the call for the Cowboys and Panthers to switch divisions. 

It makes sense logically, but it would be hard to see the Cowboys classic NFC East rivalry games go away.

The AFC has some oddities too. The Indianapolis Colts are in the AFC South while the Miami Dolphins are in the AFC East. I’ve spent time in Indianapolis during winter months and let me tell you, it sure doesn’t feel like the south when I put on snow boots and two layers of clothing to stay warm.

Switching the Colts and Dolphins wouldn’t be as dramatic considering neither team has deep-seated divisional rivalries. So make the move, Roger Goodell.

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