America’s Team, Indeed! Cowboys Jersey Sales Are On Another Level

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NFL apparel retailer Lids recently released data from the 2022 season that reconfirms the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL.

Lids Tweeted out some info regarding the top selling NFL teams and jerseys, and the Cowboys had plenty of representation:

Here’s the cliff notes version of what was included in the Tweet:

Cowboys were the top selling team in 8 states

Of course, Dallas apparel was flying off the shelves in the Lone Star State. But the Cowboys were also a top seller in neighboring states like New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Apparently, the Cowboys are also popular in Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Dallas was the top seller in more states than other team. Surprisingly, the Las Vegas Raiders placed second with five states. Tied for third with four states was the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.

Three Cowboys players ranked top 10 in jersey sales

Despite all the criticism Dak Prescott endured last season, his jersey was sold more than any other at Lids. Prescott threw a career-high and league-high 15 interceptions, including two in Dallas’ Divisional Round loss to the San Francisco 49ers

While many blamed Dak for the playoff defeat and have been calling for a new QB in Dallas, plenty of others have continued purchasing his jersey despite his struggles.

This one was a bit more shocking: Ezekiel Elliott’s jersey was the ninth-highest seller. Zeke deserves his flowers for the dominant seasons he had early on, but he’s a far cry from the player he used to be.

Elliott posted career-lows in carries, rushing yards, yards per attempt, catches and receiving yards, among other stats. Yet, his jersey was still a hot commodity at Lids. No wonder Jerry Jones is so committed to keeping him on the team.

Rounding out the top 10 is CeeDee Lamb. This one makes more sense considering Lamb had career-highs in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns. He also earned a spot in the Pro Bowl for a second-consecutive season and was a second team All-Pro.

Being a top seller is basically a Super Bowl, right?

It’s become a running joke on social media that the Cowboys are great at selling merchandise and getting viewers. For example, the Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wild Card matchup was the most-watched playoff game broadcasted by The Walt Disney Company since 1999, garnering 30.6 million viewers.

But what the Cowboys aren’t good at is winning in the postseason. Dallas’ last NFC Championship appearance came in the 1995 season.

While it’s a point of pride for Cowboys fans to see how wildly popular their team is, it’s also embarrassing that despite that widespread love, the team hasn’t been able to put it together on the field.

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