Cowboys NFLPA Survey Rankings Show They Are A First-Class Organization

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The NFL Players Association released a report card grading the daily experience each team provides for its players, and the Dallas Cowboys passed with flying colors.

The purpose of the report cards is to provide players with information about each team to help them make important career decisions, like choosing a new squad in free agency. Another positive from releasing the report cards is raising standards league wide.

To gather the necessary insight, the NFLPA surveyed 1,300 players, asking them to review the conditions with their current teams. See how the Cowboys did below.

Cowboys Received High Marks

Out of 32 teams, the Cowboys ranked fifth-best in the team guide. Dallas was ranked first or tied for first in five of eight categories.

Of all the Cowboys players surveyed, 96% of them believe Jerry Jones is willing to improve team facilities even further. This ranked Jerry as the 12th-best team owner.

But America’s Team didn’t earn high grades across the board. In one category, they tied for 23rd and in another, they tied for 15th.

Here’s a category by category review of Dallas’ report card:

Treatment Of Families: A+

The Cowboys were the best team in the NFL when it came to supporting players’ families. They offer a family room and daycare.

Dallas’ post-game gathering area ranked fourth.

Food Service And Nutrition: A

The Cowboys tied for first with this one, and the quality of food was fourth. The team provides all three meals and 100% of players believe there is enough room in the cafeteria.

Weight Room and Strength Coaches: A+

In each category, the ‘Boys were tied for first. The players think the weight room is second to none, and 100% of them also believe there are enough strength coaches. Players also feel the strength coaches do everything they can to support them.

Training Room: B

Dallas grade was tied for eighth and this is largely due to players feeling the training room is understaffed. Players are happy with the space in the team steam room, but the Cowboys are also one of six teams without a sauna.

Training Staff: A-

Despite the high praise, this grade was tied for 15th. The NFLPA says this was because most teams gave positive scores for their trainers.

Locker Room: A+

Not a single Cowboys player had a negative thing to say about the locker room. Every player feels the space provided is more than enough.

Team Travel: C-

This is an area where the Cowboys are dropping the ball. The C- grade is tied for 23rd.

Dallas is one of seven franchises that doesn’t offer first-class seating to players. Rather, those seats are reserved for coaches and staff.

One positive is that Cowboys players get their own rooms when traveling.

Props To The Cowboys 

Before the 2022 season kicked off, the Cowboys received a $6.92 billion valuation from Sportico. Dallas was far and away the most valuable sports franchise in the United States, edging out the New York Yankees by $630 million.

They essentially print money at AT&T Stadium. So it’s reassuring to see the cash is being reinvested back into the treatment of players and their families.
Dallas’ positive report card can now be used as a recruiting tool when trying to sign free agents.

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