Please Don’t Blame Dak Prescott For The Cowboys Struggles

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There’s plenty of blame to go around for the Dallas Cowboys recent struggles. But anyone solely faulting Dak Prescott simply hasn’t been watching the games.

Right or wrong, the QB of any football team usually catches more blame than they should after a loss. Add in the fact that Dak is the QB for one of the most popular franchises in sports, and it’s easy to see how people would make unfair judgements on his play after a game.

It doesn’t help that shows like Undisputed and First Take recognize the Cowboys popularity and make outlandish takes about America’s Team to get publicity. The latest inaccurate Cowboys take came from Speak on FS1, which is co-hosted by former Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.

McCoy was excited to do some Dallas bashing after the Week 15 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s what Shady had to say:

“First of all, Dak is ass. Can I say that on TV, ‘cause he is ass ass. That’s one thing. This the second game he’s lost by throwing picks. He threw two picks to the Packers, had a 14-point lead, lost. Come back, they was up 17 [on the Jaguars] and lost, picks.”

McCoy went on to argue that Prescott has one of the easiest jobs in football thanks to the Cowboys ability to run the ball, and because Dak isn’t asked to make difficult throws.

Was Shady’s assessment fair?

It’s unclear what McCoy was doing this past Sunday, but he definitely didn’t watch the Cowboys vs. Jaguars game.

Had he tuned in, he would’ve seen Dak complete 76% of his passes for 256 yards and two touchdowns. Prescott did throw two interceptions, including a pick-six that clinched the win in OT for the Jaguars.

But if you take a closer look at the game-losing interception, the pass was perfectly placed but Noah Brown failed to reel it in:

On Tuesday, Brown spoke to the media and took full responsibility for the drop:

“It’s a play 10 times out of 10 I expect myself to make and I have to make. There’s no excuse for it.”

Prescott’s turnover problems

While Prescott is playing better than McCoy and other critics would suggest, he hasn’t been perfect. Turnovers have been an ongoing issue for the 29-year-old.

Dak missed five games earlier this season due to a thumb injury, but has still managed to throw 11 interceptions, tied for third-most in football.

The last four weeks have been especially rough. In that span, Prescott has turned the ball over seven times.

But it’s important to note that there have been a handful of instances where Prescott’s target is equally, if not more, at fault for an interception. 

Pro Football Focus tracks interceptions on plays that weren’t considered turnover worthy, which means the QB isn’t to blame for the pick. Six of Prescott’s interceptions fall into this category, tied for most in the league.

In fact, Dak has actually been one of the more accurate passers in football this season. Prescott’s 68% completion rate is tied for third-best compared to other QBs that are full-time starters.

It’s lazy to put all the blame on Prescott for the rough patch the Cowboys are currently in. He should take some accountability for it, but there is plenty to go around.

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