Jerry Jones Is Still Being Weird About Jimmy Johnson And The Cowboys Ring Of Honor

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We were overdue for Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones to make some headlines this offseason and last week the 79-year-old finally delivered.

But before we get to last week’s quote, let’s go back to last season’s hall of fame game weekend. Legendary Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson was being inducted into the hall and his cohorts on FOX welcomed Jones as a guest on the pregame show. During the broadcast, Jones said Johnson would be inducted into the Cowboys’ ring of honor (ROH).

Now, back to last week: Jones was talking to the media about Dallas and AT&T Stadium being announced as a host site for the 2026 World Cup. Jones was asked about upcoming inductees into the ROH, specifically Johnson, and said he has no timeline on when the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach would join the ranks.

Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson’s beef

Jones and Johnson’s relationship goes way back. They were roommates in their college days at Arkansas in the 1960s and even won the national championship together in 1964.

Then, Jones purchased the Cowboys in 1989 and hired Johnson as his head coach. It came with growing pains as Dallas held a 1-15 record in year one under Johnson and the new ownership. But things progressed quickly and by year three, the Cowboys made the playoffs.

In the duo’s fourth and fifth year together, they won back-to-back Super Bowls. But the relationship turned sour when Johnson felt Jones was trying to take too much credit for the team’s success. Jones felt betrayed by this and the two decided to part ways.

It’s crazy to think a coach could win consecutive Super Bowls and lose his job, but it did happen.

Jimmy Johnson a no-brainer for the ROH

If the hall of fame thought Johnson was worthy of an induction, then he clearly has the resume for the Cowboys ROH.

But to compare Jones to the nine head coaches in Cowboys history, Johnson has the second most playoff wins, the third most regular season wins and his two Super Bowls are tied for the most with Tom Landry. He also achieved these feats in only five seasons.

Johnson also orchestrated the famous Herschel Walker trade in 1989. Walker was the team’s best player, but Johnson realized they could use the running back as a trade chip to bring in a massive haul of future draft picks.

So Walker was sent packing to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for eight draft picks and four players. Dallas also dealt away three draft picks in the exchange.

This would prove to be an excellent move for Dallas as they were able to use their new draft capital to select future NFL all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith and others that would help them win back-to-back Super Bowls.

Johnson deserves to be in the ROH and it’s time for Jones to put his ego aside and allow an all-time great coach to be honored for making the Cowboys franchise what they are today.

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