Let’s Distract Ourselves With Micah Parsons-Skip Bayless Drama

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Micah Parsons is pretty active on social media compared to a lot of players in the NFL. It makes sense because Parsons is only 23-years-old, and most young people have a hard time disconnecting from their phones.

Normally, Parsons spreads positivity on Twitter. For example, when a fan Tweeted what he could do to score a meet and greet at a Cowboys game this season, Parsons gave the fan a way to do it.

Parsons responded to the fan by saying:

“Do 25 hours of community service! Local food bank, boys and girls club, whatever you want! Get every hour documented and ill make sure you set up!”

Or there was the time Parsons realized how expensive gas was in the Dallas area. So he encouraged fans to send him their CashApp usernames so he could send gas money.

But this week, Parsons has been a bit more abrasive than usual. You can probably chalk it up to frustration from the Cowboys 19-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to kickoff the 2022 season. 

Here’s why Parsons has been making headlines this week:

Did Micah Parsons ghost Undisputed?

In the offseason, Parsons Tweeted that he’ll be joining Undisputed on Fox Sports 1 every Tuesday during the football season to discuss the Cowboys and the NFL as a whole. Parsons was set to make his debut on the show, which is hosted by sports pundit Skip Bayless and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

But on Tuesday’s episode, Bayless said that Parsons didn’t reply to producers about his scheduled appearance and the second-year linebacker missed his appearance altogether. Bayless went on to explain that Undisputed employees even installed equipment for Parsons to video call in from home.

Here’s the clip where Bayless details everything that went down from his perspective:

On Wednesday, Parsons met with the media after practice and was asked about the situation. Here’s what he had to say:

“My starting QB went down and we lost, I just didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be on the show at that point. I need to step up and be a leader. It shouldn’t be on TV, it should be in this locker room.”

Parsons went on to say he has the utmost respect for Bayless and Sharpe, and that he didn’t no show his scheduled appearance. He mentioned his decision to not come on the show should’ve been communicated to Bayless and Sharpe.

Now, it’s a he said she said between Parsons and Bayless. Parsons said he informed them before Tuesday that he wouldn’t be coming on, while Bayless says they tried contacting Parsons all day but he never got back to them.

Regardless, it’s the right call by Parsons to skip his appearances on Undisputed to focus on being a team leader. Not much good could’ve come from Parsons having to defend his team on national television.

Parsons, Fournette exchange jabs

After the Cowboys loss on Sunday night, a clip of Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette blowing up Parsons in pass protection went viral. Parsons replied to the video by saying:

“Now go watch the tape! And see what happenned when it was me and him one on one!!! You hit someone not looking you straight pus**y !! Stop hyping this weak as* shit it’s football!!”

Fournette replied to Parsons Tweet with the infamous Michael Jordan crying face meme:

This was certainly a case of sour grapes from Parsons. Moving forward, it would probably be best for him to stay away from Twitter, especially after a loss as bad as the one the Cowboys took on Sunday Night Football.

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